About Me

Coaching came to me as a natural progression.

I worked for the past 15 years in the charity sector as a trainer/facilitator/educator and as a volunteer manager. Most of my roles involved collaborating with people and bringing out the best in them. Our success meant that the charities we supported did well and could in their turn offer sterling support for the community they serve.

Whichever role I took I learned that I loved working with people and people loved working with me.

I started to offer life coaching building on the expertise and the experience I gained as my career developed and evolved.

Whatever your goals, I can support you to get there and to live the life that you are seeking. I bring in my lifetime expertise, I can provide you with the tools,  the encouragement that will make you take that extra step. I will not lead you towards a particular outcome or tell you what to do as you are the only one that knows best when it comes to your life. I know that successful coaching requires a co-active collaborative approach between you and me. I will play the role of a facilitator of change so you may bring about the change you wish.

What rings true for me

I believe that each of us are different, unique and beautiful individuals and that makes this a fascinating world.

I believe that with the right support and encouragement each of us can move mountains,  reach the stars, fly up to the moon, create extraordinary lives.

I am a happy person and I love happy people. When I feel happy I do my happy dance.

I believe happiness is in the “smallest” things: a word of encouragement, a lovely sunset, a smile, a hot cup of tea, pouring rain and a fresh, grand new idea. Happiness is also in the most grandiose ones: God, climbing that mountain, building that bridge, changing that world, presenting my shiny, beautiful and at the same time the shadow side of myself to the world!

I have abundance in my life and I believe everybody deserves abundance.

I believe every single one of us has a choice. It is just a matter of knowing it and daring to go for it.

I believe each season is beautiful, in their own way – I love them all!

I believe in the present. I respect the past because that made me who I am and I salute the future because that is where I am going.

I can’t live without respecting nature because nature is the base that supports mine and all life.

Creativity is a wonderful ability. We all have it; unfortunately, sometimes it gets smothered too early. I believe in keeping on trying.

I laugh, love, live and work with passion, from my heart.

 What my clients are saying:

“What a transformative week” Debbie, London

“My week of life coaching with Gabi in Greece was one of the best weeks ever!  I had so much fun, whilst learning so much about myself. Gabi’s course was beautifully delivered, colourful and juicy!  I was amazed to discover that setting goals, something I’d always had an aversion to, could actually be enjoyable!”

“I gained a deeper understanding of myself”. Barbara, London”

“Life at times becomes a challenge where the road ahead is obscured. Gabi is helping me to navigate through myself and my difficulties. Her support is based on focusing on inner stability, courage, positive outlooks, inward-looking, and acknowledgment of my strengths and weaknesses. Her approach of listening with empathy, allows my fears to be revealed, faced, and unravelled. Gabi provides me with tools that I can integrate in my daily life to maintain the positiveness from our coaching sessions. The wellbeing I have gained from working with Gabi has led me to a deeper understanding of myself and to a level of inner peace and harmony which allows me to live life with joy, compassion, patience, understanding and vitality.”

“I am finally unstuck” Sarah, Essex

“Gabi has helped me so much in six weeks!  I have been stuck for 5 years in a role that I thought was impossible to get out of or find the solution to. Gabi helped me to look around the problem, to take pressure off myself and allow me to come up with my own answers on how to solve it. Sometimes we all just need a gentle nudge in the right direction and a different perspective. I would recommend Gabi to anyone looking to better themselves, professionally emotionally or both.”