Life Coaching

omanWhy work with me?

💙 I can help you manage pressure and stress at a time when you bring important changes into your life.

💙 I will help you shift your focus to what is important for you. You’ll look beyond the self-limiting mind-set that has been holding you back. I’ll gently you push beyond your existing limits towards your goals.

💙 I will constantly encourage you and cheer you along the way. I’ll keep your motivation up and help you maintain momentum.

💙 I’ll highlight for you what you can really do when you temporarily forget or you doubt yourself. This is much more powerful than thinking about and spending energy on what you can’t do.

💙 What you really want is inside you. I shall help you listen to your heart, and to bring to life solutions that are unique to you.

Life coaching is about turning dreams into reality. It’s about making positive changes in your life. It’s about finding your way when you feel that you are lost or maybe stuck.

Through guidance and inspiration, I will help you achieve your goal. I will challenge you to focus on what’s right with you, not what’s wrong. What you give energy to grows and expands so I will gently help you shift your focus towards the things you want to achieve.

The time you spend with me is time for yourself. I am here for you, I will cheer for you all the way.

I will not tell you what to do because you are the expert of your own life. But I will help you find the answers you seek and reveal inspired solutions to your problems.

I am passionate about shining your unique light into the world.

Here’s to your journey of self-discovery and a big step to a happier and more fulfilled you. I can’t wait to see you shine!

My Life-Coaching  Programme

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to bring on the life they are seeking?

I am offering a 3-month coaching programme to get you create that life, bring it into reality. You will get weekly 90 minutes one-to-one support via Skype/Zoom, unlimited priority email access to me and access to a group of hi-vibe people on a similar journey. 


Don’t let money stop you, especially if you are already well on your way but got temporarily stuck. I have payment plans available, please get in touch to discuss.

Coaching Fee

My clients say:

Gabi’s coaching has helped me greatly in my pursuit to both find my way through challenging times, and find focus in my professional endeavours. She listens and guides with compassion and empathy, while always nurturing a positive outlook on whatever issues I might be struggling with at the time of our session. Gabi also shares tools and techniques that ensure the benefits of her coaching are experienced and maintained well after our sessions, and I know that if I were to integrate these into my everyday life, with time I would benefit from them significantly. ” Chris K – London